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listen to my friend!

Bipo rulz!


English report of what happened this week in Madrid.

This is the “democracy” in spain



Here are more incredible photos from Madrid today. The Spanish revolution is boiling over after harsh austerity measures on the working class were announced on Thursday. 

Thousands of protesters demanded fair wages, equal access to education, an immediate end to home evictions & more funding for basic healthcare services. 

Riot police responded with rubber bullets & arrested 22 people. More protests are expected to erupt for the rest of the week.

We stand with Spaniards fighting for basic human needs against a corrupt, greed-driven government! 

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This is the kinda shit that is happening here right now while the media only talk about fashion and show other unrelated stuff… WAKE UP!

(Source: thepeoplesrecord)

Edit from the DH session!

Tuck! Going Fast!!!! Downhill  4 Life!

Right Turn

Left Turn

Rototom Sunsplash 2012 19º European Reggae Festival!

So tomorrow we’re leaving to benicasim and will be enjoying the biggest reggae festival in europe, i’m gonna be able to finally see on stage one of my favorite bands, Steel Pulse. Also on the same day, Jah Mason, Barrington levy and etana, monday: the congos! max romeo and cultura profetica (which used to be my favorite reggae band from latin america til the last album when they sell out…

anyway is gonna be great!!!! looking forward for tomorrow

coming bakc on tuesday, peace


Tuixent! Great edit by my friend Guido!

Panoramic sequence from 2 weeks ago:

the guy with the lime tshirt just drift in front of me on the middle of the only hairpin of the road, so he took me closed to the edge but i’ve managed to passed through it!

The Circuit was 6Km of mild DH, with bad pavement but good for holding the tuck on really long distance (which killed me).

Official video from Tuixent! Jarto Jartorius & Kaina Longboard Represent!

Curva de la Muerte, Tuixent!

Fast & Funk

Otro mas!