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I Bleed for Gotham & The Face of Gotham 

Illustrated by Orlando Arocena ll Facebook

Part of the Poster Posse’s, Batman 75th Anniversary tribute project, over at Blurppy.


#SubZero Wins!

Translucid #4

The Taste of ink

*Platonic solids: elements of nature

*Sacred geometry: solar system

*Metatron cube

*5 element: tribute to the woman

*Lions wear the crown

*Green, yellow & red: 3

*One among the fence

*Lil sister


Is anybody reading this?


Tattoo done by Jc- spookyneedle from south of France

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good work!

New from amazon

Platonic solids - elements of nature

Done by my buddy Corey Divine



Source: Benefits of a Bilingual Brain.

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There’s a theory that bilingual people have stronger executive control. They are constantly making the decision in their head between which language to choose, and the executive control makes that decision. As a result, the theory suggests that executive control is somehow strengthened or even rerouted to be more efficient. Executive control controls a host of other things in the brain - it’s kind of like the control room for the higher-order thinking that makes us human, like planning and judgment. For this reason (according to the theory) bilinguals are better (according to evidence) at abstract thinking, symbolic reasoning, inhibition of inappropriate actions, more attentional control, greater creativity, greater cognitive flexibility, better filtering of sensory information, and more. All of that leads to things like being better in academics (all subjects, even math) and having better career opportunities.

In short, learn a second language because being bilingual is freaking awesome.


My uncle ties his dreads around my cousin to keep her from falling off his shoulders and I think it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

might as well try that :)

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Heroes Vector

Created by Carmelo Mylo

Black sabbath